​Lopex Pharmaceuticals

We reach patients in Europe through our own organisation, with a primary focus on non EU5 markets, and in particular Switzerland and Scandinavia

The Idea 
In 2015 the management team identified an opportunity in the value-added medicine space, and decided to enter with a global management team of senior executives, with a background in value-added medicine, branded medicine and generics. 

In early 2016 Lopex Pharmaceuticals was formed in Switzerland and currently building up its organisation in Europe.

​​​About Lopex

​Lopex Pharmaceuticals is an innovative pharmaceutical company primarily focused on value-added medicine and devices. 

We are providing business development services for pharma companies who want to launch products, looking for partners or establish an own business in Europe.

"We have a strong scientific foundation and optimize treatment paradigms to become a leading value-added medicine company."